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Thank your lucky BRIX Ontario!

Measuring the BRIX (natural sugar solids) in your garlic is a great way to quantify the quality and nutritional value, including its content of both sugar and valuable minerals (the key platform for vitamins).  When the BRIX is high your sugar and mineral content is high; meaning a better quality, better shelf life and superior tasting veggie (think local strawberries)

I did the BRIX test using a calibrated refractometer for 2 years using field fresh, random samples.  Here are the results:

* Ontario's variety "Music" tested 42 Brix

* California 35

* Chinese 27

- July 2021 

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For a Healthy Crush...press on

Maximize the benefits of garlic by crushing it (a press or fine mince) at room temperature and allow it to sit about 15 minutes (consider resting in oil for a dressing base).  That triggers an enzyme reaction that boosts the healthy compounds in garlic.  

The finer the chop the more allicin  is released; that same healthy sulphur compound is also responsible for the delicious aroma and assertive robot taste.

You can make the most of garlic's wilder side by pressing raw garlic for cold Gaspacho soups, Caesar dressings or bruschetta or an intensely flavour garlic butter.  Roasting Ontario garlic will tame it down, bringing out its sweeter side.

The finer the chop = more allicin = stronger aroma = bold, brazen flavour.

- August 2020

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The dirt on local

Ontario garlic - is one of the few crops that offer a double harvest.  There are two types grown in Ontario; hard-neck and soft neck.  The hard-neck variety produces the garlic scape late spring... 

...which makes Ontario garlic a compelling plant.  Garlics' capable of bolting and producing flower structures embrace the greatest genetic diversity and greatest diversity in character.  Hardneck cultivars include some of the world's fines tasting garlics'.

Music is Ontario's preferred cultivar, named after Al Music, and founder of Ontario's Garlic Growers Association.

- March 2016

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There is more to garlic than its cloves

Garlic Scapes - a culinary treasure, are outrageously adaptable.  Sadly over 750,000lbs of scapes in Ontario are thrown into the compost every spring due to a misunderstanding of the plant.

On the variety known as hardneck  garlic  (Allium sativum var. ophioscorodon), those vibrantly green stalks are known as  garlic scapes  and have the ability to coil 3 items grow up to 7' high.

The garlic scape has a lot to offer the body and the plate:
* oxygenate the blood 
* are chlorophyll rich
* protect against osteoarthritis
* contain antioxidants
* anti-cancer properties
* protects against oxidative stress
* contain Vit A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, Vit A, potassium, calcium and magnesium.

- June 2017

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Farming matters

 Always wondered why Ontario garlic stocks run out?

On average we consume 300 cloves (domestic and imported) of garlic a person per year.  One acre of Ontario grown garlic can  produce 144,000 cloves (feed about 400 people).

Although the amount of garlic grown in Canada has increased, it has not kept pace with the increasing demand for domestic garlic by Canadian consumers and instead has created an undersupply of garlic.
It takes 2-3 years for the garlic grower to catchup.
Increase in production acres also requires an increase in seed stock which must be held back from the previous harvest.

Your patience and support for local garlic growers enables them to build their crop size, year by year to catchup to demand.  

- September 2019